10 things I learned traveling to NYC with a BABY


First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of posts in the blog. I thought I got the hang of it when Nico was a newborn but as he got older, it definitely became harder to sit down and write. I absolutely love being a mom and the time I am free I've been trying to focus on my husband and friends.

But we just started sleep training and I'm excited to get back here, especially because I have so much to share.

Last month we traveled to NYC with a group of friends and I thought it would be fun to do a "10 things" type of list of all the things I learned in NYC with little baby. Like they say, if you can make it in NYC, you can make it anywhere. This is a specific post for NYC, we have done a few trips by now so I'll be sharing one with all my tips and tricks for general traveling!

So let's get this started:

1) Our stroller is HUGE
I have not even thought of this before this trip, but our stroller is HUGE in comparison to NYC strollers. We would go to parks and our stroller was twice the size of any other out there. 

When we came back to Miami, we got the Doona Stroller/Carseat almost instantly since we want to travel a lot with the baby. Official review of the Doona coming soon- so stay tuned.

2) Our friend's help was crucial
I know we would have made it work without our friends but we were so grateful they were there. Not all subway stops have elevators so going up and down the stairs with the HUGE stroller would have been HARD without the help of our friends. If you are traveling alone (or with your husband), make sure to plan ahead and check which subway stops have elevators.

3) NYC's ubers offer car-seats
Just in case you don't feel like taking your car-seat. You can request an Uber with a carseat. That option isn't available in Miami but it is in NYC. I think it costs an extra $5 per ride- but it's very convenient in case of any emergency. I personally prefer the subway but now you know!

4) Changing tables are hard to find
Most NYC restaurants are tiny and they are in the basement with a tiny staircase that leads to it (aka hard to walk down with a baby)...and changing tables were scarce. The good news, Starbucks have changing tables and there are Starbucks in every corner.  Instead of running around, I knew that Starbucks would be a good option when we needed to change him.

5) Dressing him in layers was tricky.
What if he is too hot? What if he is too cold? 
We live in Miami so the less layers...the better. I tried dressing him in layers that would be easy to take them off when we were indoors or in the subway and then puck back on.

I personally don't know what I would have done with snow, so thankfully we experience semi-cold FALL days (aka delicious days!).

6) Stay Calm
I believe our babies feed of our energy. In NYC or any big city, there will be ambulances, police cars, alarms...these sounds can strike your baby. If you stay calm and act like nothing is happening, I think they won't be scared either. Nico fit right in like a little New Yorker.

7) NYC is very kid-friendly
A lot of people are afraid of traveling to NYC with kids because it is a fast-paced city. But I have to disagree, just like anywhere you can find activities that are kid friendly.
Some examples:
- Central Park (duh!): you can find a zoo, a carrousel, an ice skating rink, playgrounds, and more,
- Head to any museum. Considerations: Children's Museum of Manhattan and the Children's Museum of Arts.

8) The city kept Nico entertained
On the contrary to our trip to California, where we were mostly in a car driving around, Nico was so entertained by everything. The lights, the sounds, the streets, the people...everything was so fun for him.  Walk around, have fun...I'm sure your baby will have fun too!

9) You can find anything in NYC
If you forget anything, there's a pharmacy in every single street. We bought all the diapers and wipes there instead of adding so much bulk to our bags. We also ran out of formula and got that there too. So don't worry so much packing, because if you forget anything...you can get it by walking 3 min...or less!

10) The hotels feel smaller with a baby
We stayed at the Freehand and they don't offer cribs so we ended co-sleeping. I know some hotels offer cribs or pack-and-plays, call before making any reservations. But take into consideration that hotels in NYC are tiny and they feel even smaller with a baby and all the things you have to bring

Here I'm wearing:

ZARA camel coat
FOREVER 21 Ramones rocker tee
ZENNIS clear glasses
CLARKS USA black boots

Family Outings around Santa Monica in Rockport

This post is sponsored by Zappos & Rockport – all opinions are my own.

A little over 6 months ago, we partnered with Rockport & Zappos...and they ended becoming such special photos because that was the day I went into labor! Now I'm super excited to work with them again, and Nico gets to be in the pictures with us! 

As you can see from the title, we are in Santa Monica!!!

 Gabe had a photography job in California so the whole family decided to tag along! It's so fun to explore the world with our little one! Traveling with our baby Nico has taught us to pack SMART.  I've learned to pack only what I need.  I used to bring as many shoes I could, now I'm happy with my pair of black booties and a pair of sneakers.

I mean, if you have been following me for a while you know I LOVE black boots. They are so easy to dress up or down; you can wear them with jeans or skirts; and during any season. To update my black booties, I got Rockport's Total Motion Valerie Luxe Boot. I loved the lateral zipper detail and the heel is only 3 inches- making it perfect to walk around but also feel oh-so-fabulous! They were the perfect pair to bring for the trip.

My husband, Gabe, loves sneakers and he wears them until the shoes "start walking by themselves" after so much use. Taking advantage of Zappos' fast free shipping and 365 return policy, I got the Rockport Colle Tie for him as a surprise.  And they were an instant hit! The premium leather gives them a dressier feel but Gabe says they are light and comfortable. They run a bit big so I suggest getting them half a size smaller.

We met with our friend Gara- who is also responsible for these awesome couple shots!
We walked around the pier, had lunch, and played a second at the arcade. 

For more of Rockport's classic dress styles to chic new boots, head to Zappos!

I'm wearing:

Gabe is wearing:

My Secret Spots in Miami- exploring my city in ROTHY's.


Miami is such a magical city- with hidden gems in every corner. However, I feel tourists don't get to see the REAL Miami. 

When I was little and we would visit Miami, we would spend days inside a mall. And now I can't believe many tourist don't get out of Miami Beach. Yes, the beach is STUNNING but there is so much more to this city.

So today, as someone who has been living in Miami for 12 years, I'm going to show you three of my favorite areas in the city, + some recommendations about where to go in each area, while wearing the most comfortable shoes from Rothy's! 


As a new mom who is always on the go, I really appreciate comfort more than ever. However, that doesn't mean I want to give up style. I'm absolutely loving these two pairs from Rothy's. They are SO cute and versatile, plus they fit like a glove. 

But wait, the shoes are also produced sustainably !! They are made from 100% recycled water bottles... isn't that incredible? The brand has already repurposed 11 million water bottles. That's so amazing and I hope many brands follow their footsteps (pun intended!)

Get your comfy shoes on...and let's start this little tour around Miami.


The basics: The Design District is a new neighborhood dedicated to innovative design, luxurious fashion, breathtaking architecture, art galleries, showrooms and dining experiences. 

What to order: some of my favorites are the overnight oats and the smoked salmon bagel...but everything is delicious!

Walk it from corner to corner and you will find Instagram-worthy spots in every corner- from art installations to stunning architecture and art walls. 

Don't miss:
- Buckminster Fuller's "Fly's Eye Dome": it's a 24-foot Monohex geodesic dome that you can find in the center of Palm Court.
- Netscape: a 24 seat web of hanging chairs by Konstanin.

Eating at OTL with Nico.

Here I'm wearing the Rothy's Garnet Sneaker. I love the deep red color. It works with jeans, skirts, dresses.

Try the SMOKED SALMON BAGEL- OTL- Miami Design District


The basics: well, Downtown is our home. We have lived in the Greater Downtown Area since 2012. Downtown Miami is one of the oldest settled area of Miami, with early pioneer settlement dating to early 19th century.   Nowadays, it has become the fastest-growing area in Miami with the greatest concentration of high-rises in the region.

Every day there is a new restaurant in the area; walking around to shoot these pictures, we noticed there are many places we can't wait to try. 

I'm going to give you a few "where to eat" recommendations since this is our neighborhood, we definitely like eating around here.

FOR JUICES + PLANT BASED MEALS: Manna Life (the superfood arepas are DELICIOUS)
FOR THE BEST CEVICHE EVER: Ceviche 105. I'm a big Ceviche105 fan, the price point for the big portion is great + it's truly delicious. Try the Lomo Saltado
YUMMIEST PAD THAI:  Hibachi Grill and Noodle Bar.

- If you want a city vibe, I recommend the corner of NE 1st Street with NE 1st Avenue.
- If you are looking to shoot at a rooftop, head to the parking garage on SE 1st street and SE 2nd Ave.

For a different type of plan: try an escape room. We did all the rooms at Fox in a Box in Downtown and we wish they had more!

Even though, the Downtown is pretty small compared to Downtowns around the U.S. Take the Metrorail to move around Downtown + Brickell.

At the parking garage on SE 1st street and SE 2nd Ave.


The basics: Coral Gables was one of the first planned communities of the area. It was developed during the Florida Land Bloom of the 1920s and it has a characteristic architecture of Mediterranean Revival. In Coral Gables, I love the Miracle Mile area: a boulevard filled with restaurants, shops, boutiques, and art galleries.

In 2016, Miracle Mile began a design update with wider sidewalks and curb-less street edge..for a friendlier experience.

I feel like I've been giving a lot of food options...but hey, a girl's gotta eat.

If a place says "all day breakfast", I'm down!  Some of my favorites at Threefold are: sautee Mushrooms, Morning Monkey (an out of this world banana bread), and the pope benedict eggs.

FOR JUICES + ORGANIC TREATS: Green Life Organic Bistro.
As you can see, I have a thing for green juices. Oh and their carrot cake is delicious!

- Miracle Mile is FILLED with bridal stores. Even if you are single or already married, it's always fun to pretend you are engaged and try on a few dresses! 
- Actor's playhouse at the Miracle Theater: if you want to take a break from the movies, heading to the Miracle Theater for a play or a musical is a good idea!
- For a fun photo opportunity like the one at the magazine stand: check out Books and Books.

p.s: If you are heading to Coral Gables for famous umbrellas, you are not going to find them! They were a limited time exhibit. However, there's more to see! So don't miss it!

Leopard is SO on trend right now but a pair of leopard flats never go out of style.   Plus they are a neutral that work with any print (like the camo print I'm wearing here!). Check them out at Rothy's by click here.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Rothy's. All opinions are my own.
Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Nany's Klozet going.

Last-Minute Visit to NYC- where we stayed


It's not secret that I love NYC. The last time I visited the city was in November 2016 (so two years ago!) and I couldn't wait to be back! I have so many photos, moments, and tips to share about this trip! So I'm going to start with "where to stay"

We were supposed to go last year for New York Fashion Week, and then Hurricane Irma happened. Many of you remembered I was running around Florida with Gabe, Gaby, and Alex. We ended up in Miramar Beach and then New Orleans.

That day the airport looked out of an apocalyptic movie, and I was freaking out when our flight was cancelled. Not only because that meant we were stuck in Miami with a Hurricane Category 5 coming our way, I was also missing my favorite city. Many friends in the same situation started texting me that they couldn't cancel their hotels (hence lost the money). Thankfully,  had booked my hotel via Hotel Tonight a we got reimbursed in credits.

Later on I found out I was pregnant ( I was already pregnant running away from the Hurricane and I just didn't know it yetūü§£). Obviously I didn't travel for a while and now that we are so excited to explore the world with Nico, I said "let's just go to NY before it gets too cold and use the credits we have".

But the world works in mysterious ways and we ended up teaming up with Hotel Tonight for this stay. The app, which I've used for YEARS, has the best last-minute deals in amazing hotels. We ended up booking a super comfortable room at the Freehand, and it really was the perfect place to call home for a week in NY! If you feel like checking out the app, use the code GSANCHEZ175 for $25 off your next booking!


Creo que no es ning√ļn secreto que AMO Nueva York. La √ļltima vez que visit√© la Gran Manzana fue a finales de Noviembre del 2016 por nuestro aniversario #2.  As√≠ que ten√≠a casi dos a√Īos sin ir, y estaba loca por volver. Tengo much√≠simas fotos, momentos, y recomendaciones que darles. As√≠ que voy a empezar con "¿d√≥nde quedarse?"

Empecemos con un cuento muy random. El a√Īo pasado se supone que iba la Semana de la Moda; pero por el hurac√°n Irma, cancelaron nuestro vuelo (¡¡tal vez se acuerdan como estuvimos corriendo huy√©ndole al peligro!!) 

Para ese viaje, hab√≠a hecho mi reservaci√≥n con Hotel Tonight- y aunque muchas amigas en la misma situaci√≥n perdieron su dinero, me lo devolvieron en cr√©dito para usar a futuro. Luego me entero que estoy embarazada (digo me entero porque ya para el corre corre del hurac√°n estaba embarazada y no lo sab√≠aūü§£) y obviamente no viajamos por un buen tiempo.

Pero ahora que queremos explorar el mundo con nuestro peque√Ī√≠n, dije "Vamos YA a Nueva York antes de que se ponga muy fr√≠o, y usamos el cr√©dito que tenemos para el hotel". Pero el mundo nos sorprende, y sali√≥ la oportunidad de trabajar con Hotel Tonight y contarles un poquito m√°s (que como pueden ver es una aplicaci√≥n que llevo a√Īos usando porque se encuentran descuentos incre√≠bles en hoteles espectaculares para viajes √ļltimo minuto). Nos quedamos en el Freehand, ¡y nos encant√≥! Si quieren bajar la app, usen el c√≥digo GSANCHEZ175 y les dan $25 para usar en la pr√≥xima reservaci√≥n.

Forever 21 skirt- GUESS Jacket- GUESS booties

Where to stay in NYC can be a super duper personal choice. All areas have their appeal. I regularly like to stay close to Central Park because I'm absolutely in love with that HUGE park. 

However, this time my friends and I decided to stay at the recently opened Freehand Hotel in the Flatiron neighborhood. I didn't doubt it for a second because I love the Miami location- and let me tell you, it didn't disappoint us AT ALL. 

The hotel has a boho vibe very typical of the Freehand Hotels- every corner was picture worthy. The rooms were comfortable (even with a baby stroller and all the things that come with a baby! Don't worry that article where I answer all your questions about traveling with a baby is coming soon). We also loved the rooftop at the Broken Shaker, the views were breathtaking!


Decidir donde quedarte en NYC es una opción muy personal porque cada area tiene su encanto. A mi generalmente me gusta quedarme cerca de Central Park porque AMO ese parque con todo mi corazón.

Esta vez fue una decisi√≥n en grupo, nos quedamos en el Freehand. Ten√≠amos como referencia el de Miami y realmente sobrepas√≥ nuestras expectativas. Tiene esa onda bohemia muy t√≠pica de la cadena de hoteles Freehand y cada esquina es perfecta para una foto. Las habitaciones me parecieron muy c√≥modas (para ser Nueva York , que todo es extra peque√Īo). Nos quedamos en una habitaci√≥n King y fue la decisi√≥n perfecta porque entre tanto coche y cosas de beb√©, necesit√°bamos un poquito m√°s de espacio. No se preocupen, pronto les cuento m√°s sobre viajar co un beb√© (que me han preguntado much√≠simo).

El Freehand NYC también tiene una terraza espectacular con un bar que tienen que visitar así se queden en otro hotel.

Some sneak peeks of what's to come!!
Cinzia Rocca Coats -Wrangler Jeans - Blank NYC striped sweater

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