Sun Protection for the never-ending Miami Summer

I grew up dipping my feet in the Caribbean Sea in Venezuela. If you ask me about my favorite memories as a kid, most of them were under the sun…either by pools or the ocean.

I’ve been in Miami for almost 13 years; and I have to admit I wasn’t spending as much time enjoying this gorgeous city and its hot weather as much as I should have been. BUT this Summer was different, it was all about about having full with out baby and our dog under the sun. 

The good news: Miami’s summer is not coming to an end any time soon!

With all the time spent outside, let’s talk SUNSCREEN!
Australian Gold has been a go-to in our family since I was a little girl. I remember my mom using it and its amazing smell transports me to my childhood.

Just like I grew up, I love that the brand has evolved with the times: the Botanical Mineral Sunscreen collection. It is made with real, nutrient-rich native Australian ingredients.  It’s formulation doesn’t include unnecessary chemicals nor animal testing. And I'm OBSESSED!

My go-to for beach, pool, park, any time outdoor is the
Botanical SPF 30 Mineral Sunscreen Lotion: it has a nice subtle smell, and it’s not sticky or greasy.



Thanks to Enfagrow for sponsoring this content. All opinions expressed are my own

I’ve taken motherhood one step at a time, one day at a time.

Every day something changes. Every time you think you have a routine down, it is time to change it. And we just went through a big milestone….NICO TURNED ONE!

As that big ONE birthday was approaching, tons of questions came to my mind:

“What do we switch to after infant formula” “Do we drop a nap?” “Can he have X Y or Z food now?”

I’ve shared my struggles with breastfeeding. Enfamil was our go-to formula since day one until he turned one. It was recommended by our pediatrician and the hospital I delivered in. But now it was time to transition from infant formula to cow’s milk- which can lead to an 80% drop in DHA consumption. Also, as the baby’s tastes change, he might not get all the necessary nutrients he needs from his diet.

That’s the reason why we were excited to incorporate Enfagrow® NeuroPro into his diet as a convenient nutritional drink. Enfagrow is the first toddler nutritional drink that has MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) and DHA blend. These are brain nourishing components to help support brain development. It also has iron, dual prebiotics, calcium, vitamin D, zinc, and others!

I’d love to hear from you mommies. What was the biggest change when your little one turned one? I’m all ears.


Yo me he tomado la maternidad un paso a la vez, un día a la vez.

Todos los días algo cambia. Cada vez que crees que tienes la rutina definida, es hora de cambiarla. Nosotros acabamos de pasar por un gran CAMBIO: NICO CUMPLIO SU PRIMER ANO.

Entre más se acercaba ese primer cumpleaños, más preguntas rondaban por mi mente: ¿A que nos cambiamos después de la fórmula para bebés? ¿pasamos de dos siestas a una? ¿ será que ahora puede comer X Y o Z”.

Yo he compartido con todas ustedes mis retos, especialmente con la lactancia materna. Enfamil fue la fórmula que nos recomendaron en el hospital, y la que nuestro pediatra nos dijo que siguiéramos usando. Pero llegó el momento de hacer la transición de fórmula infantil a leche de vaca. Esta transición puede llevar a que el consumo de DHA baje hasta un 80%. Además, a medida  que crecen, sus gustos cambian y es posible que no obtenga todos los nutrientes necesarios en su dieta.

Por eso estábamos muy entusiasmados por incorporar Enfagrow® NeuroPro como bebida nutricional que es conveniente. Enfagrow es la primera bebida nutricional para niños pequeños que tiene MFGM (MEMBRANA DE GLÓBULOS DE GRASA DE LECHE) y una mezcla de DHA, componentes nutritivos que ayudan con el desarrollo del cerebro. También tiene hierro, doble prebióticos, calcio, vitamina D, cinc, y otros componentes nutritivos.

¡Ya quiero saber de todas las mamis que me siguen… ¿cuál fue el cambio/reto más grande cuando tu pequeño cumplió uno? Soy toda oídos 



Hello! Hello! I'm back!
I have been blogging for almost 10 years and I think I needed a little break. We didn't stop shooting content, I just focused on social media (big mistake!).  But this gave me time to come back more ready than ever to blog and share more of what you see on IG!

A few months ago, I shared Nico's updated nursery. We moved to a 2 bedroom apartment and it's so exciting to decorate his own little space. What you saw in that post was his sleeping area. On this side, there is the play area: with all his toys and this awesome little library I did for him.

This idea came to my mind during the baby shower the Miami bloggers threw for us. There was a little station that said "baby's first library" and guests were encouraged to also bring a book. Such a cute way to start his own book collection.

All I got was these shelves from Ikea.  They also have them in white and black and in three different lengths. They are picture ledges, that way the books don't fall down- and they are only $12.99 each!

I love this idea because the baby or kid gets to see the covers of the books and pick what they want to read. I put the ones with hard pages in the bottom so he can reach those if he wants, AND the ones that are a bit more delicate on the top. 

Let me know what you think!!


Nany & Nico


¡Hola! ¡Hola! Aquí estoy otra vez pero después de 10 años escribiendo diariamente, creo que necesitaba un descanso. Nunca dejamos de crear contenido- pero sentarme a escribir en ambos idiomas era algo de lo que necesitaba un mini descanso. Y ahora me siento lista para compartir muchas cosas que debí haber subido hace mucho.

Hace unos meses compartí el cuarto de Nico en el apartamento nuevo. Me encanta que tenga su espacio y me he divertido mucho decorándolo. El lado que les mostré es el de la cunita, y el otro es donde están sus juguetes y sus libros.

Esta idea se me ocurrió en el baby shower que nos hicieron las bloggers de Miami donde se les pidió a las invitadas que llevaran un librito para que Nico empezara su colección.

Las repisas son de Ikea, y son originalmente para portaretratos; son bastante delgadas y tienen un borde para que no se caigan y puedas recostar los libros, en este caso. Vienen en 3 colores y 3 largos; aparte solo cuestan $12.99 cada una.

La primera repisa la puse super abajo con libros duros (que las páginas son de cartón) para que Nico pueda agarrar el que quiera sin dañarlo. Luego en las de arriba, donde no alcanza, los más delicados. Aparte se ve lindísimo porque el bebé puede ver las portadas y escoger el que le interese.

¿les gusta?

Spring Time with Stitch Fix

Sponsored by Stitch Fix

Fashion was this blog’s first love  and I will always enjoy having fun with my style and different trends.  But I got to be honest, shopping has gotten a bit harder with my little one.

And this is where Stitch Fix comes to the rescue!

Stitch Fix is a personalized styling service where you fill an extensive style profile when signing up; and an expert stylist will hand-select 5 items JUST for you- based on your body type, preferred fit, budget, lifestyle, etc.

When your items arrive; you get to try everything on at the comfort of your house, keep what you love, and send back the rest in a free pre-paid envelope.

There is a $20 fee to have your curated Fix- but it applies towards anything you keep. The best part is that it isn’t a subscription service; you can receive your Fix whenever you want (every month, or if a special vacation is coming up!).

My experience:
A few years ago, I had the amazing opportunity to travel to San Francisco and visit Stitch Fix HQ. The experience was absolutely amazing, seeing how everything works. 

Fast forward a few years, and this styling service feels like a lifesaver when I need new pieces to refresh up my wardrobe. I know I know, I’m a fashion blogger and I love shopping for new trends- but just like a Chef goes to other restaurants- it’s nice to not have to worry and trust another expert opinion…and WOW, she nailed my fix.

I received 5 pieces: a Rebecca Minkoff floral dress (the one I’m wearing), these Sam Edelman pink sandals, white shorts, an off-the-shoulder floral top, and a red striped tee. It also came with styling little sheet showing 2 ways to wear each item.  Everything fit just like I like, highlighting what I love! It’s super cool that they have petite, plus size, and maternity sizes in thousands of brands.

I have a feeling I’ll be wearing this dress A LOT. It shows off my curves and it’s such a fun print!

Would you try Stitch Fix?

Bold Stripes and Pastel…with Walmart


“Sponsored by Walmart and ShopStyle”

I’ll never get tired of saying it: BE.YOUR.AUTHENTIC.SELF!

For a while I thought it was about ORIGINALITY; then I realized that nobody does it like you do. Take a trend and make it your own. Take your talent and make it YOURS.  Whatever you do; if you put your heart to it, nothing will come even close.

If you ask me for a timeless print, I’d probably say STRIPES! So how can we make them fun for Spring 2019!? For the second part of this campaign with Walmart and ShopStyle that encourages you to show your unique style from corner to corner of the country, let’s talk about how to update your favorite print without hurting your wallet. Plus, I love how Walmart has a great selection of fashionable pieces for your personal style.

So, I’m updating my stripes by:
  1. Wearing them in a fun jumpsuit. You can dress it up with heels. Make it casual with a jean jacket, and rock and roll with a leather jacket. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Adding white sneakers. I’m a big fan of white sneakers, especially when paired with unexpected stylish pieces.
  3. Playing with pastel colors, not only in the print of the jumpsuit but also by adding the pastel pink round bag! 

This look was perfect for a little stroll in the Design District. Another great area in Miami where you can find delicious restaurants and cafes (and some amazing photo spots!)

What’s your favorite trend this Spring? How would you wear this jumpsuit? Let me know!


Walmart- LOVE Sadie wide leg jumpsuit (similar here) (or here)

Walmart- Feshionn IOB gold necklace



The first room to come together in the new apt is...Niki's nursery!

If you saw my nursery reveal post when he was born in May, you'll notice that the theme remained the same! I didn't feel like changing the jungle/animal elements YET. I want him to choose his next room when he is older.  

However, I wanted it to have a little UPDATE- and the easiest way to do so is with: WALLPAPER! I absolutely love this one by Minted looks so good that everyone keeps asking me if I painted it myself (hey I'm not that crafty🙈!) but props to my husband for putting it up almost perfectly! Isn't it dreamy!!??

The last post also had the SNOO bassinet, which I don't recommend. I wish we had used this big crib since day 1. This one is from Babyletto and it also converts into a toddler bed.

 I was also excited to get a glider! As we shared rooms in the previous apartment, there wasn't space for it! I'm loving it for reading/feeding time...oh boy, now I realize how much I needed it when he was tiny. But hey, I'm saving it for the next one!

What do you think? On the other side, there is the play area, but it's not perfect yet! 

P.S: since he is such an active baby, I had to bribe him with baby cookies so he would stay still for the pic hahaha.


¡¡Y el primer cuarto que les quiero mostrar es el de NICO!!

Si vieron su cuartico (que era en la esquina dentro de nuestro cuarto) cuando nació, se habrán dado cuenta que el tema del cuarto es el mismo- ¡¡animalitos!!  Siento que todavía está chiquito para cambiarlo...quiero que el próximo lo escoja él cuando esté más grande. También entre tantos gastos durante la mudanza, preferimos mantener este lo más parecido posible para comprar lo menos posible.

PERO, quería darle como un "refresh" (actualizarlo un poquito), y la manera más sencilla es con papel pintado en las paredes. Me enamoré de este de Minted... aparte que parece que lo pinté YO (no se crean, no soy tan buena con las manualidades!). Pero el padre de la criatura si fue bueno poniéndolo.. ¿no les parece hermooooso!!?? 

También otra de las cosas que quería era una mecedora (cosa que no teníamos antes por falta de espacio). Realmente es lo máximo para leer juntos y darle su leche! y bueno el color neutral para que funcione a futuro! ¿Qué les parece? 

Del otro lado tiene el area de juego, pero no está listo. ¡Ya les compartiré más!
 *similar * Giraffe Plush Animal

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