REMIX: 4 ways to wear Polka-Dot Maxi Dress


The core of this blog started with style remixes (a.k.a different ways to wear the same piece); and even though I keep talking about expanding the topics, I also want to revisit what was one of you favorite sections. 

Here I'm styling a dress from Who What Wear in 4 different ways. I got this dress right before Swim Week and, my fault, I didn't try it on. When I got home, the fit was a little different than I expected. I think the round neck gives it an "old lady feel". But instead of returning it, I took it as a challenge  to style it in cool different ways, and it became a versatile piece.

The key to its versatility was its buttons down the front. I was able to open the top a bit to show my bralette, to open the bottom to show my skirt, or fully open it over a swimsuit.

Let me know which was your favorite outfit and how would you wear it.

The Day I told my Parents I was pregnant


After loosing that first baby at the beginning of the year, I promise I would not even tell my parents until I could see a heartbeat. Besides feeling heartbroken, the hardest part was breaking the hearts of people that were just as excited as I was- you might say, I wanted to be sure everything was okay before sharing any type of news.

Funny story: my mom was in town when I took the pregnancy test. I literally peed on it and it showed positive, and she was on her phone OUTSIDE the bathroom.  I must have the best poker face because she had no clue, she was even giving me "fertility tips".

We finally saw the baby the second week of October at almost 9 weeks, and the cutest little baby (whom I called a snowman for a while). We were traveling  to Ecuador the next day. I was doing a little talk/conference about blogging with a beauty brand down there. My parents would join us by the time I was finished with my duties. Since my parents had been in Quito a few times, we decided to go to little towns around the capital-  these beautiful pictures were taking at "El Lago de San Pablo" (SO STUNNING!).

We picked our parents at the airport and headed to this town directly. The whole ride I kept looking at Gabe like "OMG when are we going to tell them". We stopped to eat at this beautiful restaurant right by the lake and it was the perfect setting too! (This sounds like I'm gonna propose!!).

To tell them, I had created a fake online quiz on "what type of grandparent are you?" (remember I have a niece and a nephew so my parents are already grandparents and some quirky ones I might add). The final result was something along the lines of "you are ready for grandchild #3!!"

They should have figured out I did the quiz, but they didn't , which made it even funnier. The questions very definitely targeted to them, with things I joke around. I don't know if it was because I was so nervous, but it felt like they took SO LONG to finish the quiz. 

My mom finished it first and she knew she had to keep her poker face (see, I definitely inherited it from her) in order for my dad would be surprised. BTW we recorded all of this...HILARIOUS! 

The food arrived and my dad started to eat - even though we were all being pushy like OMG please JUST. TAKE.THE.TEST . He kept eating empanadas and saying: I already know I'm an awesome grandfather.  Definitely annoying for us (including mom who was dying to give me a hug)!  After 10 minutes, he finally took the test and got his result and he still DIDN'T get it.  

Rolling my eyes I showed them the ultrasound of my little snowman!

I'm so happy I got it all on video, it was such a funny but beautiful moment. I loved being able to tell my parents in person- especially since we don't live in the same country. Seeing their big smiles was priceless and a moment I won't never forget.

At this stage in pregnancy I was just sleepy all the time, so this trip was packed with naps and, of course, we couldn't do things we had planned (like horseback riding!) but hey, there will be time for all of that later.

The views were absolutely stunning and I hope you enjoy the pics. Gabe killed it per usual.

18 things I'm looking forward to 2018- HAPPY NEW YEAR

So ready for you 2018🎉🎉
Midnight kiss for three (quick one with my awkward grab because my dad was the one taking the photo🤣🤣).

So instead of looking back to 2017, like I've done in the past. I want to look forward to this amazing year that's about to come. So let me list 18 things I'm looking forward to 2018.

1. Let's start with the baby ones. Obviously, I can't wait to meet BABYBOY in May.

2. Feeling the baby kick real hard.

3. Laughing at the random things Gabe tells the belly every night.

4. Turning the den of the house into a tiny tiny nursery.

5. Seeing Chiki with his baby brother! 

6.  Do a baby moon around February, to definitely make sure we enjoy the last moments together (well, until he turns 18 and leaves the house haha). Okay I'm going to stop now with baby stuff because it will be like a hundred things since I have so much to do and get ready for.

7.  Turn 30! OMG I'm turning 30 by the end of the year. I'm actually excited, the 20s were amazing in  their own way and I can't wait for this exciting time.

8. Bond with my niece and nephew in Ecuador this first week of the year there.

9.  Revamping the site to NANY. 

10. Continue working with brands I love.

11. Seeing Gabe grow in his photography business.

12. Spending time with friends. I want to do more "escape rooms" , and host more theme parties.

13. Sharing more blogging tips on the blog. I love inspiring you girls to know your worth and keep killing it.

14.  I want to do a cruise, but I think it will be either ASAP (most cruise lines don't let pregnant woman get on a cruise after the 24th week) or with the cutest baby by the end of the year with my family.

15. Sharing more personal blogposts. The word closet always made me feel like I had to stay fashion-focused and leaving it behind means opening more to you guys.

16. I should start finding a house. So I'm looking forward to the process. But this might be something for 2019!

17. To do fun maternity shoots!

18. To hear more from you guys: what do you want to see? TELL ME!

How to Revive Your Hair on Lazy Days? DRY SHAMPOO!


When I wash my hair, I have to mentally prepare to DRY it and STYLE it (just because it takes me so long!).  When I was a kid and a teen, I would wash it every single day. I was the kid who arrived every morning with wet hair to class.

As an adult, I realized that 1. that's not healthy for my hair 2. I cannot show up with wet hair and 3. Who has time to style their hair every day!?

My secret weapon is DRY SHAMPOO: my favorite is Dove Dry Shampoo Volume + Fullness because besides absorbing oil it transforms my hair from lifeless to bouncy. Dry shampoo is amazing to revive and refresh my hair on those days I don't have the time for a full blow-out- or if I'm feeling extra lazy (raise your hands ladies, I know I'm not alone !).

So continue reading to see how do I use it!!

What happens BEHIND THE SCENES- Holiday Shoot with Car


During the month of December, I did an amazing campaign with BMW for Instagram. It's my second time working with them and I love how it's all about showcasing my favorite spots in Miami while doing it in style in these amazing cars. I'm not going to lie,  I wanted to keep this one SO SO much. We got to have it for more than a month, and I got used to the luxurious little features that make driving well amazing.

Okay but back to it. Some funny things happened while shooting this campaign and I wanted to share it with all of you for many reasons. 
1. Because are not as perfect as it seems in social.
2. Because I like keeping it real. 

So tell me if you like this idea.

We had to shoot this setting TWICE, because the first time you couldn't see it was a BMW- which I totally get, if it's a campaign with a brand, you should be able to recognize it. So yes, I had to get dressed the same, do my makeup the same, put Chiki in a sweater, etc.

The presents were empty the first time we shot- this time, they had a lot of stuff in them.

Also, I had not announced my pregnancy. The first time we took them, this skirt fit me fine...the second: NOT SO MUCH. Wen we took these pictures so part of me was covering my little bump with the presents.

I think this one was my favorite setting out of the three.  We were going to see the Nutcracker, but we got dressed HOURS before to be able to get this photo without hundreds of people trying to park. Even though, there was nobody there; the security guard came and tried kicking us out. We said we were promoting the nutcracker- which was true!! Later that night, I found out BMW was a sponsor of the theater's valet- so maybe that's why he believed us.

Fashion-wise, this skirt did not fit me anymore. (but it was perfect for the occasion!!!). So if you would see me from behind you would see half of the zipper folded haha. 

The whole story behind this was picking up my Venezuelan Holiday dish for Christmas. However, the backdrop at LaLatina is very busy and not really pretty. We went to Wynwood because HEY the coolest walls are there! Also, the version I posted has the sign on the wall photoshopped!!!

This was published on Christmas Day but we took them a few days before- remember content must be approved so things you see live aren't always really LIVE!

Do you like this whole behind the scenes!? I'll do more if you guys want!

Velvet Boots and Maxi Dress


Aren't these burgundy velvet boots what fall dreams are made of? 🍁😻

This look was part of an Instagram partnership I did with Ebay (so YES, the full look is from it). The boots are originally from Zara- not sure which season, but they were brand-new for a fraction of the price! The dress is Free People, I love the print and how flowy it is. It was perfect to hide the first trimester bloating and I know it will be roomy enough for the upcoming months!

I've been wearing the hat non-stop. I also got it in black- so perfect for any look! Definitely one of my favorite purchases this season- and so Miami "fall".

Hope you are having a little break this Holiday! Love you guys! 

¡¡Díganme si estas botas de terciopelo no son un sueño otoñal!!🍁🍂😍 El look completo lo conseguí en Ebay como parte de una colaboración que fue solo para Instagram. las botas son originalmente de Zara- no estoy segura que temporada (es algo que me preguntaron mucho). Las botas y el sombrero son mis compras favoritas esta temporada! 

El vestido es de Free People, una marca que me encanta por su estilo bohemio con el cual me identifico mucho. Fue perfecto para esconder lo hinchada que estaba el primer trimestre, y sé que voy a poder  seguir usándolo los meses que vienen.

¡¡Espero que estén descansando estas Navidades y preparándose para el 2018!!

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