Baby Shower Errands.... Floral & Denim


I already told you ALL ABOUT MY BABY shower (Don't forget to check it out HERE). However, like I mentioned, there was a lot planning behind it. At least two trips to the Dollar Tree, two to Target, one to Walmart, Home Depot, the flower shop, etc.

This meant lots of walking, and for a pregnant lady, that means the comfiest shoes possible.  Let's break it down piece by piece!

Ya les conté todo sobre mi Baby Shower (pasen por acá si no lo han visto). Pero como les mencioné, hubo mucho corazón planeando todo. También muchos viajes a tiendas como la Dollar Store, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, floristerías, etc.

Esto significaba looks cómodos pero ustedes me conocen, me canso de los leggings rápidamente. Les cuento pieza por pieza:

The dress is from Alice + Olivia; so easy to dress up and to dress down. You cannot go wrong with a denim jacket to dress down a floral dress.  I got it during the store preview in a size bigger so I could wear it while the belly grew. I think I doesn't fit anymore but I can't wait to wear it after baby.

This denim jacket has been with me even before the blog. It used to be a dark denim wash but Gabe helped me bleached it. In my opinion, the lighter was is a bit more timeless! I think it's time for a Remix with it!! There are probably so many looks with it and since 2011. Would you still like to see it?

These white sneakers have been a favorite of mine for almost two years- it might be time to update them but I get attached to anything and everything.

The light pink bag is from Rebecca Minkoff but I designed it. This was one of my OMG-I can't-Believe-It campaigns. I got to design a bag inspired by Miami.  I'm definitely proud of the thing I've got to do.

Hope you liked the look and the pics! This place is in North Biscayne, not sure what street but it should be around 60th.  I've seen it on Instagram and I definitely wanted to shoot there. I'm not going to lie, it did need a lot of photoshoot because it needs to be re-painted! So don't be sad if you arrive there and it doesn't look that amazing, it's all about the angles and a lot of cleaning on an editing app.

TARGET white sneakers
FOREVER 21 denim jacket
FOREVER 21 pink tint eyeglasses
COACH burgundy watch



Dressing a growing belly is no easy task. I always say that if I wasn't a blogger, I would probably be in the same dress or leggings every day of the week. But, it's true, I do feel the pressure of dressing up and inspiring fellow moms-to-be.  I'm not complaining about my belly at all, I just refuse to buy a full new closet. Stay tuned for a "pregnancy style essentials" I'm writing.

My waist has always been the smallest part of my body. I have hips and boobs, and I always tried highlighting my small waist. Because of this, I love wearing high waisted skirts/shorts and dresses with a defined waist. Guest what?  All these pieces stopped fitting FIRST. I've been wearing a lot of my pre-belly shirts, but the bottoms...nope! So in my case, I needed to get a few pieces to continue dressing as ME as possible!

I saw these fun BUG shorts at Asos Maternity at SALE (they currently are $12!!) and I felt like why not!? I wore it very similar to the model on the site without even noticing , the outfit probably stayed in the back of my mind and I have this light pink jacket that felt perfect for it!.

Hope you like the look! XOXO



Hi loves! Get ready for a crazy long post, but I wanted to share as much as possible about my baby shower. It was intimate: with my close friends from Miami, my parents, and Gabe's family. Everyone played such an important role during this shower, I felt so loved and I know this baby boy will be so spoiled!

Putting your Best Face Forward.. with Create & Cultivate


If you have been following me for a while you know tight/stretchy dresses are not my thing.  I love oversized things, a good A line, and flowy dresses. However, nothing fits in my closet anymore ...and I kind of wish I had a few more cotton dresses like  this one.

This pregnant combo is very common in the Kardashian family; they love bodycon dresses with duster coats and heels- and well, like I said before, they are out of my comfort zone. But again, all the fun stuff happens when you try stuff out of your comfort zone. 

I originally wore it for a maternity shoot with my friend Karla Garcia- I added a cozy long cardigan and it was all shot at home. After she left, I had little time to change to go to the Create & Cultivate event I was speaking at. So I told myself: WHY NOT, let's just add this duster I have and give it a go. And I really pushed myself because I wore something I was not used to in front of at least a hundred people. It was fun!



I've had this post in my drafts for a while. There is so much I want to say but at the same time I don't know how to put the words together in a way that not only makes sense for moms/moms to be, but also for my non-mommies.

There is so much pressure for pregnant women to stay fit and tiny during pregnancy, to not have stretch marks... and don't even get me started on the pressure to bounce "back" and look better than ever AFTER the baby. But I'll probably talk more about this when I have my boy.

When you are pregnant you will hear a lot of:
"OMG you are HUGEEE, you are probably about to pop"
"OMG such a tiny belly, are you sure you are eating right?"
"OMG it has to be a boy because of XXX "
"My belly/my friend's belly was so much bigger/smaller"

As someone who has struggled with weight and diets since I was a little girl, I'm not going to lie: all of these comments offended me somehow. You can blame  the hormones all you want, but it's also RESPECT.
1. Nobody wants to be told they look huge- even with triplets.
2. I really dislike being compared to anyone or analyzed. It's my body- all bodies are different- all pregnancies are different. 

When I miscarried last year, I blamed myself a lot. I felt some sort of anger towards my body "for not being capable". I was able to forgive myself, to not think that it was my fault in any way.  But at the same time, this fear has stayed with me throughout my pregnancy.  Nutritionists might say I could have been more active or eat a bit better, but I'm just listening to my body and feeling blessed to have this little miracle inside me that I will never take for granted.

What I want to get to is that all we want to hear is that we are looking beautiful or that we are glowing (even we have been puking the whole 9 months and look terrible). 

And you, fellow mom-to-be: don't be so harsh on yourself. 
It's okay if your belly is bigger than others. 
It's okay if you are 7 months pregnant and still have your abs.
It's okay if you gained a little more weight that you should have.
It's okay if you got stretch marks.
It's okay if you had that extra cookie.
It's okay...

 You are creating life and there isn't anything more beautiful than that.

US FOUR...and some retro vibes!


Another year...another birthday together!

Gabe turned 31 the day of these photos.  I always say it but I can't believe how fast time is going by. When we met at 17-18, we really had no idea of everything that was about to come.

Last year, during his birthday, he had a broken leg and I was still bleeding from the miscarriage (TMI, I know- but you can imagine how hard it was).

On the contrary, this year, we were full of hope. We celebrated with friends and his family. It's definitely amazing how things can change in a year, how we have grown so much, but at the same time we are the same.

Ok I'm getting a little bit deep right here. But I'll continue to daydream about his 32th birthday and how it will also include a tiny little him.

Gabo cumplió 31 años el día que tomamos estas fotos.  Todavía siento que todos estos cumpleaños que hemos pasado juntos han pasado en un abrir y cerrar de ojos.

El año pasado celebramos mientras el tenía una pierna rota y yo todavía sangraba de la pérdida del bebé (probablemente es más información de lo que quieran saber, pero con eso les digo todo de lo difícil que fue ese cumpleaños).

Este año, al contrario, fue uno lleno de esperanza. Celebramos igual con familia y amigos pero el saber que el año que viene va a haber un chiquitín con nosotros nos tiene el corazón inmenso. Es impresionante como tanto puede cambiar en un año, pero al mismo tiempo sentir que nada ha cambiado.

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