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What's "I challenge you to..."? It's bi-weekly special where we (Flor de Maria Fashion,  Ashes into Fashion and I) challenge our readers and bloggers around the globe to wear specific trends or themes- and we would love if you could join us. Every other Sunday, we'll publish the challenge, so time to plan your outfit and wear it. Then, that following Sunday: we'll show you how we wore the trend/theme and you'll be able to share your link & outfit with everyone.

This time we challenge you to... WEAR CAMOUFLAGE!! This print has been taking over boutiques and big brands... and I really wasn't expecting it. However, I really like the military vibe it gives to your look .Remember that you don't need a blog to enter the challenge, you can upload your outfit to Facebook/Instagram/etc (use the hashtag #monochallenge) ARE YOU READY FOR THIS CHALLENGE!!?


¿Qué es " Te reto a...." ?"Te reto a..." es una sección especial en la cual nosotras ( Flor de Maria Fashion, Ashley y yo) retamos a todas las bloggers y lectoras a usar ciertas tendencias/ temas- y nos encantaría que nos acompañaran. Cada 15 días (específicamente los lunes) publicaremos el reto, de manera que tengan dos semanas para planificar y usar su outfit. Luego el domingo siguiente nosotras compartiremos como lo usamos nosotras y pondremos un espacio para que ustedes dejen el link de sus artículos/fotos.

Esta vez te retamos a usar CAMUFLAJE! Este estampado se ha visto en pasarelas, tiendas, y boutiques online esta temporada... y me gusta mucho el toque militar que le da a cualquier look.. Recuerda que no necesitas tener un blog, puedes subir tu foto a Instagram, Facebook o cualquier otra red social (utiliza el hashtag #monochallenge).  Ya yo tengo mi look listo y no puedo esperar para ver el de ustedes!




  1. Me encanta el post!! me gusta mucho esta tendencia, el camuflaje en la moda :D.. yo tengo bolso de camuflaje "DIY" visitar en mi blog <3


  2. I love this trend! I wrote about it on my blog and post some photos of bloggers including you :)

  3. I'm currently hunting for a camo jacket!! :)

    The Niknok Style

  4. Cool!
    See my blog:

  5. I love camo I wore in this blogpost. :)

  6. Love how this can be incorporated into so many different styles!

  7. I actually dont have anything camo!

  8. I've already got a few posts I can share with you but I can do another one, too! (I've got sooooo much camo.)


  9. Ooh I love camo! Although I haven't owned anything with a camo print since I was in gradeschool, lol! I should probably take this opportunity to get something new. :)

  10. Lo use hace 7 semanas y me encanto volverlo a usar... incluso use el hashtag #camochallenge


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