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"Protect your skin,
Protect your beauty,
Protect your life"

Last Thursday I had to chance to attend an event where L'Oreal Paris was introducing its new (and amazing) line called "Advanced Suncare". The event was held at the gorgeous Mondrian Hotel at Miami Beach. Besides trying out the products, we had an eye-opening talk with dermatologist Dr. Flor Mayoral. She talked about the importance of using sunscreen and about going to the dermatologist  at least once a year (or if you see anything different or irregular in your skin).  Skin cancer or melanoma cases have been increasing significantly in the lat decades; at the same time, this type of cancer can be treated and prevented. In order to protect your skin, you must wear sunscreen every day (it doesn't matter if it's snowing outside, wear it!!). Also, if you are at the beach...you must re-apply several times throughout the day (one time is not enough).

The best part about the event was learning about an amazing cause (ItsTHATworthit.org). L'Oreal Paris is donating $1 to the Melanoma Research Alliance per registered person and $1 per product sold from the Advance Suncare line. Their goal is to reach $250,000 by May 20th; so far they have reached 66% of the goal. So what are you waiting for!!? Go register and let's find the cure!!


El jueves pasado tuve la oportunidad de asistir a un evento de L'Oreal París en el espectacular hotel Mondrian en Miami Beach. Aparte de mostrarnos la nueva colección de protectores solar de L'Oreal Advanced Suncare, tuvimos una fabulosa charla con la Dra. Flor Mayoral.  Ella nos recalcó la importancia de utilizar protector solar y de ir al dermatólogo al menos una vez al año (o si ves alguna irregularidad en tu piel).  El cáncer de piel o melanoma está afectando cada día más; pero se puede tratar y prevenir exitosamente.   Lo más importante es aplicar protector solar todos los días, sin importar si es invierno o si el día está nublado. Si estás en la playa, o expuesta muchas horas al sol: debes re-aplicar el protector varias veces durante el día.

La mejor parte es que puedes unirte a la causa visitando ItsTHATworthit.org. L'Oreal París donará a la MRA (siglas para la organización para encontrar la cura al cáncer de piel) $1 por cada persona que se registre, y $1 por cada producto L'Oreal Advanced Suncare vendido. Hasta el momento, esta campaña ha alcanzado el 66% de su meta de donar $250,00 en el 2014... así que ya saben: ¡A registrarse YA!

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