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I feel so bad when I don't update the blog as often as the usual…but I'm back! I was exhausted after my New York/LA trip…so dressing up and going out wasn't a priority! Then I had grad school imagine my exhaustion! I wore this during the day…this plaid skirt from Blu Boutique is one of my new favorites, I want to wear it non-stop. This time I paired it with a white crop top and some western booties. At night, I changed to a black top and some knee socks (since the weather is cooling down a little bit at night).

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Cuando paso varios días sin publicar siento que las abandono…pero aquí estoy! Es que llegué de Nueva York- Los Angeles cansadísima y con ganas de estar en pijamas todo el día…luego tuve clases. Este semestre solo estoy viendo una clase porque con la locura de la boda quería estar un poco más tranquila.  Esto lo utilicé durante el día el sábado- Gaby encontró este lugar que se ve espectacular en las fotos cerquita de la casa…y nos aprovechamos para tomar fotos rápido ahí. Luego, en la noche ha estado refrescando así que agregué unas medias a la rodilla y cambie el crop top por uno negro para el cumpleaños de Tati de Furor Moda (como vieron en mi Instagram @Nanysklozet).

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AMERICAN APPAREL white crop top
H&M rings
FOREVER 21 hat
TOPSHOP locket necklace
TAUDREY name plate necklace


  1. Me encantan la falda y los complementos! Muy cool!

  2. such a cute skirt

  3. Love the skirt! Great outfit!

  4. Bella como siempre. Love that skirt Nany!
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  5. I love all of your accessories! I also commend you for going to grad school and blogging! That must be so difficult! xx

  6. Cute skirt, love this look!
    ♥ ♥

  7. That's so cool! The skirt and the boots are gorgeous. Love them!


  8. LOVE this look! So freaking cute! :)

  9. Those boots are amazing !

  10. Loving the boots!! hope you are feeling less tired this week :)
    Xo, Belen from A Hint of Life

  11. Love the skirt and all those rings! Looks so great! Lovely outfit!

  12. Simple laidback look! Love how the tartan skirt make the total outfit really gorgeous and a lil bit swaggy. Cool! <3 xx

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  13. Cool look.

  14. Lovely skirt, I really adore this tartan look! As it's a bit colder in Germany, I just bought a new tartan sweater, so fluffy & cozy:


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