Last weekend, it was pouring like crazy (check out Gabe's Instagram @gabe_Media, some of them look like "the end of the world" type of pics. However, since Gabe started his last year of internship to get his PHD in Psychology, we don't really have a lot of time for pictures. We didn't care it it was raining dogs and cats…so why not use my cute umbrella as a useful prop? I got it in 2011 on Ebay and it is still always in my car! Since it was rainy and colder than usual, I wore this burgundy jeans and a gray sweater with the Blog your Dreams tee I co-designed with Furor Moda (we still make them made to order…so order yours!!) What are your plans for the weekend!!? XOXO


H&M burgundy jeans
TED BAKER handbag
ROMWE gray sweater
VAHIFE chain necklace
Bracelets: Michael Kors and Sira Mara USA
SWATCH gold watch