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I've had this look for so long in my desktop ready to be published!! Originally, I was going to upload it the day of our wedding (november 28th); but I was so busy in Punta Cana (having fun of course) that I didn't even update the blog while I was there.

Vanessa and Austin wore these outfits during Coachella and I saved them because I thought they were "interesting" and I had a similar dress. Months later, Gabe got some pants that fully resemble his pants…so we decided to do it. We never get anything specifically for a look on the blog- we always recreate something if we already have it. We also adapted their outfits to make it our own (less Coachella, more real life). I kept googling to see where their pieces are from and it was extremely hard. I only saw that Vanessa's dress cost over $280 (mine is around $40). 

I hope you liked it! And leave links to looks or celebrity couples you would like to see us do!


Este "look por menos" inspirado en esta pareja de famosos lleva en mi computadora desde hace meses, esperando para ser publicado. Originalmente lo iba a compartir el día de nuestra boda (el 28 de noviembre)  y contarles que revisaran el hashtag #BodaDanyYGaby para ver cositas de la boda; pero estuve tan a millón en Punta Cana que no actualicé nada durante esos días.

Este look lo utilization Vanessa y Austin durante Coachella y lo guardé porque justamente me acaba de llegar este vestido de un estampado muy similar. Luego meses después, Gabo se compro estos pantalones (también muy parecido a los de Austin); así que decidimos hacerlo. Cabe acotar que cuando hago look inspirados en celebridades es porque ya tenemos las piezas- nunca compramos algo solo para un look del blog. También lo adaptamos y lo hicimos menos Coachella y más "vida real- no estoy 100% segura de donde son las piezas que ellos utilizan pero si estoy segura que las de nosotros son 100x mas económicas.

¡Espero que les haya gustado! Y dejen en los comentarios looks de famosos que les gustaría que recreemos! BESOS

H&M booties
H&M wide brim hat
ZEROUV mirror sunglasses
IRDIA heart necklace

RAY BAN sunglasses
ELWOOD pants
H&M white shirt
VOLCOM backpack


  1. Love both of yours celebrity inspired, festival looks! Great, bohemian outfits!

  2. Muy conseguido!!! Me encanta :)

  3. Beautiful dress!

  4. So cute :) Love your dress :)

  5. You guys did and look amazing Nany. Great look and adoring your dress.

    Mad For Fashion For Less
    To read more about this Latina fashion diary follow/visit #MadForFashionForLess

  6. How well inspired and inspiring!

  7. Love the red boho chic dress, such a cute piece! And you guys make such a great couple, thanks for sharing your pictures together!


  8. very cute post. I love it! great 'copy' at first I thought it was the same picture. but then I saw it were 4 different kinds of people haha :)
    lets follow eachother! if you want to follow me, let me know and I will follow back :)


  9. ahahahah, same style

  10. Pero estan preciosos Dani!

    Ya vi que estan en Venezuela! No hay mejor Navidad que la nuestra, hallacas, ponche crema, ensalada de gallina, gaitas... y cerveza! Un abrazo grande y ojala ojala tuviera la suerte de encontrarmelos!

    Mega besote y Feliz Felices Fiestas!

    Remly M.

  11. There are some good sides to being famous, like you can use that fame to get to know white men black women you might not normally know. One should take advantage of this.


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