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Here's another look from Puerto Rico. I was planning on saving it for later - I don't really like posting too many swimsuit shoots.

This is not the first time I use an "all black look" at the beach; I know beach/pool is generally associated with brighter colors but I like the juxtaposition of it. I didn't plan this look at all when packing (I think I have mention that because of the blog, I like planning daily looks and I even take pictures of the layouts on the floor). I took this dress because I wanted to wear it with a gold blazer for New Years Eve ; but the humidity was crazy that day and  wearing a blazer didn't feel appropriate. I took the bathing suit- which I was supposed to wear during our wedding weekend BUT I forgot it (I was trying it on when packing and I left it in the bathroom). When getting ready in PR, I realized the backless dress and the swimsuit go AMAZINGLY together…the detail on the back of the swimsuit looks like it's part of the dress and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Hope you are having a fantastic weekend! XOXO


¡Aquí tengo otro look de PR! Lo quería guardar y publicarlo después para no tener tantos looks en traje rebaño seguidos…¡pero no importa, aquí está!

No es la primera vez que utilizo un look "all black" en la playa; aunque es un color sobrio para utilizar en la playa/piscina, a mi me gusta muchísimo. Esto look no fue planeado (creo que les he contado que antes de viajar planeo los looks lo más posible- los pongo todos en el piso y hasta les tomo fotos). Este vestido lo llevé para utilizarlo con mi chaqueta de lentejuelas doradas para Año Nuevo…pero ese día hacia una humedad terrible y decidí  usar otro vestidito.  Estando en Puerto Rico, quería tomarle fotos a este traje de baño…me encanta la espalda (y tiene un escote al frente también pero ese probablemente le queda mejor a alguien con menos busto). Al ponerme el traje de baño me acorde que este vestido tiene la espalda al aire y al ser casi de la misma tema…parecía que todo era una sola pieza.  Y ya saben, no  hay que armar drama…me quite las botitas apenas pisé la arena jajaj.


PINK & PEPPER ankle booties
CLAUDIA SAER black one-piece swimsuit
H&M wide brim hat
TAUDREY plate necklaces
Bracelets: BCBG & Michael Kors


  1. I didn't realize that those stripes were from you swimsuit - I thought it was a part of your dress. This dress and this swimsuit look like they were created for each other :)

    Ann |

  2. love this look!

  3. Love the swimsuit, such a great detailing on the back!

  4. Wow! What a perfect and sexy back! This swimsuit is an amazing piece for layering!

  5. Amazing look! Love how the back of the bathing suit looked like the back of the dress!

  6. Loooooooove the swimsuit!!

  7. perfect outfit

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  8. So pretty! Loving the back of the swimsuit! xx

  9. Black is always a good choice!! Lovely look!!!


  10. That swimsuit is too much for my heart!

  11. Perfection! That swimsuit is stunning.

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  13. Me encantan las fotos bella! <3


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