Let's start with the pictures from Austin, TEXAS!!
This week we went to Texas with Chevrolet for a fun opportunity where we basically just had to explore the hidden gems of the city. One of my favorite places was this one, the Cathedral of Junk.

This construction is hidden behind a house in a normal neighborhood, you can't even tell it's there! The owner, Vince Hangman started building it in 1988 (best year of course, because of my birth date) and he says that it doesn't have a special meaning...he just loves it! It reminded me of a treehouse/clubhouse for kids. It has so many cool details and it's fully made of "junk".

Hope you like the pics!

p.s we got a picture of the artist and look at his tattoo..Junk King! So cool!


¡¡Empecemos con las fotos de Austin, TEXAS!!!
Esta semana estuvimos en Austin explorando la ciudad junto a Chevrolet...fue divertídisimo y fuimos a lugares muy cheveres como esta Catedral de Basura!!

Esta "Catedral" queda en una urbanización normal y corriente...en la casa del dueño, Vince Hanneman. Vince comenzó a construir esta obra de arte en 1988 (el mejor año, por supuesto jajaj) y dice que no tiene ningún significado especial...solo le gusta. A mi me recordó como a una casa de árbol de niño, tiene tantos detalles divertidos y esta toda hecha de basura.

¡Espero que les gusten las fotos! BESOS

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