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If there was one place Gabe wanted to cross off their check list was BIG SUR- and it really is a dream!

Before heading South we went to a small tow called Monterey. There was a beautiful historic town with a fisherman's warf.

Hope you like the pics! I'm going to let the pics talk for themselves. Sorry I took so long to upload them. XOXO

Si había un lugar que Gabo estaba muy emocionado por ver era Big Sur...y de verdad que es un sueño.

Fuimos a un pequeño pueblo antes de seguir bajando por la costa que se llamaba Monterey (fuimos a la parte histórica), y era un muelle de pescadores con muchos restaurantes y tienditas.

¡Espero que disfruten las fotos y disculpen que me tarde tanto en subirlas!

BLANK NY white overalls
TARGET white sneakers
FOREVER 21 striped top
SOY GAROTA army jacket
FOREVER 21 hat
FOREVER 21 bandana


  1. Beautiful pictures, I hope you had a great time. Your handstand is impressive. :)

    Fia from

  2. Awesome post! Big Sur is one of my favorite places ever! By the way, the little town you forgot is Monterey, CA :) Would love to know when your back in San Francisco.

  3. Awesome pics...i love the mix of high and low.


  4. You just gave me great inspiration for an upcoming look!
    Thanks so much I love it!

  5. Love the photos!

  6. her overalls so cute, I like his style

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