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Ok girls! I asked in a recent post what you wanted to see and two things were clear:
  1. You want to see more REMIXES (aka wearing the same piece at least 3 times)
  2. You want to see more fall/winter looks because, yes, I live where it barely gets cold. But I’m down to creating fall outfits for inspiration.
I love leggings,  I think every woman does. They are comfortable, versatile, and if we could, we would wear them every day. Reason why I was so excited to find Yummie, a body positive brand that hopes women embrace their shape/curves. Besides having the cutest styles, Yummie leggings are very flattering by comfortable slimming around the tummy.

To combine fashion and comfort, I wasn’t sure if I should get the leggings in suede, denim, faux leather, with a mesh detail, or in VELVET. As you can see by the title, I picked the velvet pair. I think it was my inner- Nany loves Christmas which leads to a velvet obsession. This fabric is very elegant so it works from day to night; from running errands to a date. 

So let me show you three ways you can wear this ‘Velvet & Shine” pair.

1) Velvet Leggings + Bomber + Rocker Tee + Hat

would wear this outfit every day for any every day occasion: running errands, shopping, lunch with friends, and more.   The velvet leggings and the bomber were made for each other. To make the look extra fashionable, I added some fun pieces like the hat, the aviators, and the quilted burgundy bag.

2) Velvet Leggings + Pastel Sweater + Killer Booties
 This combo would not have been my first choice but I think it ended up being my favorite. The pastel lavender sweater created the perfect balance to the velvet leggings and the two textures look great. You can swap the heels for sneakers for errands, and then change to heels for a date night with your love.

3) Velvet Leggings +  Velvet boots + Long Blouse + Leather Jacket

Who ever said leggings are only for athleisure had not see this Yummie leggings!! I love how this look is a little more put together. It definitely works in creative offices (or swap the leather jacket for a long tailored blazer). For that final fun touch: I added MORE velvet with these burgundy boots. I personally ended up loving how it looks together.

How would you wear these velvet leggings? Which of the three looks was your favorite?

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  1. I love your style so much Nani 💖 I recently donate half of my closet because I wanted a change in my wardrobe and looking through your blog has inspire me so much!! Thank you 💖

  2. Debo confesar que el terciopelo nunca había sido mi textura favorita. Pero hay tantas prendas espectaculares con él que no pude evitar enamorarme y querer muchas prendas velvet en mi clóset 💕 En mi blog también hice una selección de mis favoritas ( link ) ☺

    Aunque los 3 looks me encantan, el segundo definitivamente en mi favorito. El lila te luce muchísimo Nany.

    Un abrazo ❤

  3. Me encantan! Aunque mi favorito es el 3... Leather terciopelo Blanco negro rojo.. Love it

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Me encanta el sweater con las leggings! y lo diferentes que son los looks pero el statement piece lo crea el velvet<3

  6. Loving the outfits m, my fav if the first one but Im dying to know where the killer booties from the second outfit are from. I’m gonna ask you again on instagram (@ohnomig) for a better chance for receive an answer 🖤🖤🖤🖤

  7. Que bella, el velvet esta muy en tendencia y ame esa forma de usarlo😍


  9. My favorite is look #1 😍😍😍 but all of them are beautiful !


  11. Love all the looks. They’re super cute and look great on you. I love your style and the way you piece your outfits together so perfectly.

  12. I like all the looks! They are all so different that it’s hard to decide! The second one is the closer to my personal style and I love the hat!!!!

  13. All the 3 looks are perfect for fall, but my favorite is number 1!!!

  14. What can I say..I love all three and it reminds me I don´t have any velvet leggings :))

  15. You just look with your designer leggings. And I must say your doggy is too cute. Nice post though.

  16. Velvet is seriously my favorite and I loved how you paired velvets together haha! So fun. Thank you for showing us three creative ways on wearing my favorite fabric!

    - Kitty Rodriguez


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