After loosing that first baby at the beginning of the year, I promise I would not even tell my parents until I could see a heartbeat. Besides feeling heartbroken, the hardest part was breaking the hearts of people that were just as excited as I was- you might say, I wanted to be sure everything was okay before sharing any type of news.

Funny story: my mom was in town when I took the pregnancy test. I literally peed on it and it showed positive, and she was on her phone OUTSIDE the bathroom.  I must have the best poker face because she had no clue, she was even giving me "fertility tips".

We finally saw the baby the second week of October at almost 9 weeks, and the cutest little baby (whom I called a snowman for a while). We were traveling  to Ecuador the next day. I was doing a little talk/conference about blogging with a beauty brand down there. My parents would join us by the time I was finished with my duties. Since my parents had been in Quito a few times, we decided to go to little towns around the capital-  these beautiful pictures were taking at "El Lago de San Pablo" (SO STUNNING!).

We picked our parents at the airport and headed to this town directly. The whole ride I kept looking at Gabe like "OMG when are we going to tell them". We stopped to eat at this beautiful restaurant right by the lake and it was the perfect setting too! (This sounds like I'm gonna propose!!).

To tell them, I had created a fake online quiz on "what type of grandparent are you?" (remember I have a niece and a nephew so my parents are already grandparents and some quirky ones I might add). The final result was something along the lines of "you are ready for grandchild #3!!"

They should have figured out I did the quiz, but they didn't , which made it even funnier. The questions very definitely targeted to them, with things I joke around. I don't know if it was because I was so nervous, but it felt like they took SO LONG to finish the quiz. 

My mom finished it first and she knew she had to keep her poker face (see, I definitely inherited it from her) in order for my dad would be surprised. BTW we recorded all of this...HILARIOUS! 

The food arrived and my dad started to eat - even though we were all being pushy like OMG please JUST. TAKE.THE.TEST . He kept eating empanadas and saying: I already know I'm an awesome grandfather.  Definitely annoying for us (including mom who was dying to give me a hug)!  After 10 minutes, he finally took the test and got his result and he still DIDN'T get it.  

Rolling my eyes I showed them the ultrasound of my little snowman!

I'm so happy I got it all on video, it was such a funny but beautiful moment. I loved being able to tell my parents in person- especially since we don't live in the same country. Seeing their big smiles was priceless and a moment I won't never forget.

At this stage in pregnancy I was just sleepy all the time, so this trip was packed with naps and, of course, we couldn't do things we had planned (like horseback riding!) but hey, there will be time for all of that later.

The views were absolutely stunning and I hope you enjoy the pics. Gabe killed it per usual.