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Every day should be Valentine’s Day. Every day should be a Soirée.

When Gabe and I started dating, we promised each other day would be Valentine’s Day. We promised that we didn’t need a specific day to buy flowers or chocolates, and that if we felt like dressing up and heading to a fancy restaurant, we just would. And most importantly: if we wanted to stay in during February 14th and hang out in our PJS, that was totally okay too.

We should celebrate LOVE every day.  Just like that, I’m also inspired by the new Juicy Couture perfume “Viva La Juicy Soirée” to make every day a Soirée. We work hard, we deserve to indulge and have fun! It doesn’t matter if it’s pampering yourself with a relaxing bath, planning a Galentine’s Day with your besties, or heading to a surprise location with your significant other.

I absolutely love perfumes, how every scent reminds me of a different time in my life, and how it is that final (and invisible) accessory that complements any outfit. 

 I recently just finished another bottle of the timeless Viva La Juicy (one of my all time favorites!). Reason why I was so excited to try the new addition to the Viva la Juicy portfolio: Viva la Juicy Soirée…and I have to say: did I find another fave!? It’s fresh because of jeweled fruits like pink kiwi and sparkling mandarin, and feminine because of the jasmine and water lily. It really takes you to a fantastical escape from reality! PLUS, the gorgeous colors of the bottle make it the perfect addition to your vanity.

Now I know that Viva La Juicy Soirée will always remind me to the last few months as US three (Chiki always counts) and that beautiful excitement of what’s to come.