I'm reading this book called BIG MAGIC- well, I have been reading it slowly since forever. Don't judge me. It's just that every little story gives me so much to think about that I like to take my time. I

 recently read about "ORIGINALITY VS AUTHENTICITY" and I wanted to share it with you gals. 

When I was asked about the "key to success" when becoming a blogger, I would always talk about originality- finding what would make you unique or that gap of "what has never been seen before".

 And I was wrong, it isn't originality what makes you unique is AUTHENTICITY. Whatever you chose to do in life probably has been done before (and by far more experienced, talented, and overall "better" people), but nobody has ever done it like YOU. 

So if you ever doubt yourself because there is someone already out there doing it, remember that if it comes from your heart, without trying to imitate anybody or fake originality, it will work. I promise! or at least you will enjoy every second of it!

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